Our distinctive logo, depicting Art rising out of Industry, is an Art Deco relic of the Little Theatre’s early years. It was designed by one of the theatre’s founders, James (‘Jimmy’) Henderson, and has featured on the theatre curtains, and on all our publicity ever since.

An email we received unexpectedly, a couple of months ago, sheds light on what inspired this iconic design. Siobhan Dudding’s husband is the grandson of James Henderson, and she had seen on the website that we were looking for information for the theatre’s centenary in three years’ time, and thought their story might be of interest .

The Little Theatre was set up in 1924, by mill-workers, and the logo sought to represent the theatre’s cultural aspirations. James Henderson, an artist and one of the theatre founders, came up with the signature design referencing the theatre’s industrial roots.

Siobhan’s revelation is that the logo was inspired by a little statue Jimmy bought in 1928, with money given to him for his 21st birthday, by members of the Midgehole Working Men’s Club – now The Blue Pig pub. The statue, known as ‘the little lady’, remains in Siobhan’s family, and, she says, is still very much prized.

We feature photos of the statue, along with an early watercolour of the original design, as well as the logo reproduced in stained glass.