We are sad to report the death of Jim Crossley, friend and tireless stalwart of the theatre for the best part of two decades. He built the bar and worked behind it, laid out the garden and patio, built the fences and was proud to welcome the Mayor to inaugurate his pergola in 1996.

However, Jim will remain a legend in the theatre for his sets. He designed and built extraordinarily ambitious sets, featuring elaborate gardens, grand staircases and heated swimming pools! For examples of his work, see the archive images of Man of the Momenthttps://hblt.co.uk/archive-items/man-of-the-moment-1997; and a selection of his other sets: https://hblt.co.uk/archive-items/jim-crossleys-sets.

Jim was a great asset to the theatre, never truly replaced. He was also a great support to his wife, Jennifer, who was a regular director with the theatre.