Less than two weeks to go till our next production, Wife After Death, so book your tickets now! This hilarious comedy, by Eric Chapell (of Rising Damp fame), directed by Hannah Stow, opens Monday 25 April, and runs till Saturday 30 April.

Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin to pay their last respects. There’s Harvey, who wrote Dave’s material, Vi, Harvey’s wife, Kevin, Dave’s agent, and Kevin’s wife Jane. Dave’s glamourous widow Laura has arranged a funeral to remember with a horse-drawn hearse and an attendant dog.

An unfamiliar woman in flamboyant mourning clothes turns out to be Kay, Dave’s ex-wife from before he was famous, leading to some startling revelations, and causing the guests to wonder if they ever knew the ‘real’ Dave.

Three weeks later, they gather again for the disposal of Dave’s ashes.
The atmosphere is tense, but as more truths are revealed, Dave seems to be having the last laugh, from beyond the grave.

‘… a terrific evening of love and laughter’

The British Theatre Guide

An excellent cast, features Little Theatre debutantes, Emma Matthews as Laura, Kyra Marie as Vi, and Ruth Marshall as Kay. Although new to the Little Theatre, all have previous acting experience.  The rest of the cast are likely to be more familiar to Little Theatre audiences. Heather McBride, who plays Jane Prewitt, has been acting for many years. Chris Berry, playing Kevin, was last seen in When We Are Married. Last but not least, Andy Carter, plays Harvey. Although Andy has not performed with us for quite a few years, he has been involved in many theatrical and musical pursuits locally and is a mainstay of the Heptonstall Pace Egg play.

Performances: Monday to Saturday, 25-30 April 2022.
If you prefer to socially distance, the Wednesday performance has reduced seating, with only 50% of seats available.

Get your tickets now, online at www.hblt.co.uk, or in person, at Innovation, Hebden Bridge.