Experienced actor and director, Mike Bellenie, has announced dates for workshops for the June production, Lovesong. He is looking for actors who can learn a specific style of movement, as well as their lines! The two initial workshops take place, at the theatre, on Sunday 4 March, and Sunday 11 March at 7pm (till 9pm). The actors will play William and Margaret, aged in their twenties/thirties, and their older selves (Billy and Maggie), aged late seventies.

Both sessions will comprise Frantic Assembly exercises designed as building blocks to learn the style of the play, explore relationships between the characters and give you an idea of the working process of rehearsals. The second half of the session will explore text work using character extracts (available from mikebellenie@hotmail.co.uk).

Please remember to wear trainers and loose comfortable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Please do not wear jeans or jewellery.

To read more about this, go to Our Next Readthrough on the website.