The Little Theatre’s next play, the hilarious comedy Moonlight and Magnolias, is setting the props department some unusual problems. They’ve had to produce a mountain of fake banana skins, along with a similar quantity of peanut shells. (Anyone with a peanut allergy, please note!)

Legendary film producer David O. Selznick is five weeks into shooting Gone With the Wind when he realizes the script is awful, and that the director doesn’t have a clue. He has five days to replace them, and restart the shoot, or the production will shut down.

Locked into an  office with new director, Victor Fleming, and script-doctor, Ben Hecht, and fuelled only by bananas and peanuts, they succeed in rewriting the screen play, amid hilarious scenes of comedy and mayhem!

The director, Hannah Stow is delighted with how rehearsals are going for Moonlight and Magnolias, and with the energy and comic timing of her brilliant and experienced cast: Stephen Dodwell, Chris Berry, Andy Fraser and Rachel Doyle-Richards. Don’t miss this fun show, which starts on Monday 3rd October.

Photograph © Bruce Cutts