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It’s 1994 and the 50th anniversary of D Day looms. Tommy, Alf and Edwin are incarcerated in Coldrick Nursing Home. In spite of his ever-worsening heart condition, D Day veteran, Tommy, is determined to break out and rejoin his old comrades on the Normandy beaches. But how will they escape… and what will happen along the way? This gentle comedy drama is about love, remembrance, war and peace.

Audience response:

“We were totally entranced…”

“Brilliant! Far better than anything I’ve seen on stage of late.…”

“Blown away by the brilliance of Le Grand Return. Beautiful writing, wonderful moving performances, belly laughs and running gags, tragedy and sorrow of friends lost and sacrifices made. It was a privilege to see it…”

“Absolutely stunned by last night’s performance – talk about an emotional roller coaster! Was superb from beginning to end. It wouldn’t have been out of place on the West End stage.”

“Beautifully expressed, several people near to us were in tears, it was difficult not to join them. I hope many take the opportunity to see Le Grand Return – I urge them to do so. This is truly what theatre is all about.”

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