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By David Tristram, directed by Jenny Gore

For Henry Smith – actor, comedian, raconteur, sporting hero, leading socialite, business tycoon, secret agent, Casanova and acting President of the United States – life is rarely dull.

For Alice Smith – housewife – life is rarely anything else.

Enter Michel – French waiter – tall, dark and available.

Exactly what happens next, no-one’s quite sure. Except that it involves a rotting melon, a deckchair and a bottle of neck rub.

And only their pet goldfish, Orca, and you, will ever know the true story.


Two gifted actors take on a multitude of characters in this fabulously funny short comedy, which runs from Thursday to Saturday, 21-23 October 2021.

Entry to all performances is free. We are not reserving seats, so just come along!






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