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Lovesong, by Abi Morgan

Workshops / Auditions for the play Lovesong

Have you seen the work of Frantic Assembly?

Are you familiar with the work of Abi Morgan? Intrigued?

Lovesong is a production that speaks to all generation: Morgan’s play explores the
themes of our desires to love, to be loved and lightly touches upon our worries of
growing old.

The play communicates the narrative of a couple, split between their younger selves,
William and Margaret and the older Billy and Maggie, portraying the highs and lows of a
relationship. Morgan’s text weaves between the honeymoon period of early
relationship bliss to the older, refined relationship of a couple who have been
together some forty years. The dual narratives intertwine so
at times an older Billy directs dialogue at a younger Margaret, and vice versa.
With the addition of Frantic Assembly style movement, the relationship between the
couple is physically enhanced, moving between straight dialogue and movement
showing the landscape of this couple’s relationship both verbally and nonverbally.

We will be holding two initial workshops, for our June production, to find
potential cast members. They will be at the theatre, on the following dates:

Sunday 4 March, 7pm-9pm for William and Margaret- playing ages mid
20s -30s
Sunday 11 March, 7pm-9pm for Billy and Maggie- playing ages late 70s

Both sessions will comprise Frantic Assembly exercises designed as building
blocks to learn the style of the play, explore relationships between the characters
and give you an idea of the working process of rehearsals.
The second half of the session will explore text work using character extracts available from mikebellenie@hotmail.co.uk.

Please remember to wear trainers and loose comfortable clothing such as
tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt; please do not wear jeans or jewellery.

Very Intrigued? Then go to
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfEcU77HPpw&t=35s for an idea of what
we will be aiming towards. See you there!

Be My Baby

We welcome new members

New membership is the lifeblood of any theatre, which is why Hebden Bridge Little Theatre holds OPEN CASTINGS at the read-throughs for all of our plays. Read-throughs are a great way of getting to know the theatre. They’re fun and informal, because we know it can take a lot of nerve to join a new group of people.
It’s also a great way of dipping your toe in the water, and try out a bit of acting to see if you enjoy it. Maybe you want to work back stage or front-of-house, but whatever the reason, it’s how most of our members started.

So why not drop in and give it a try? And if you’re an old hand, why not get back into the habit?

Simply come to the theatre on the date above, pick up a Membership Application form at the theatre, or email our Membership Secretary, Gilly Walker at gillywalker22@gmail.com enclosing your name, address and telephone number. We’d like to see you!


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