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By Deane and Balderston, directed by Ray Riches

Adapted from Bram Stoker’s original, chilling novel, this version promises more spills than thrills in spite of the fact that early performances had nurses in attendance to deal with overcome members of the audience.

Lucy Seward lives with her father in the quiet English countryside when she is attacked by some strange disease. (‘Day by day she is wasting away’). Not even her father can diagnose the cause so he sends for the eccentric Van Helsing, a specialist in the occult and mysterious diseases.

Questions arise concerning the suave Count Dracula who has recently moved into a nearby castle. What strange power does he have over Lucy when he comes to check on her condition? Where does he disappear to in the daytime? Is there any connection with the strange boxes which he has had delivered from his home in Transylvania?

With bats aplenty and specially written songs, director Ray Riches promises the audience:

‘An evening of fun guaranteed to get your blood flowing but a clove of garlic might not go amiss.’


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