APRIL 2016

Prompt tells you everything you need to know, on stage and back stage, at Hebden Bridge Little Theatre and is regularly updated, so please check back here for the latest news.

‘ This precious stone set in the silver sea ’

If you’ve been into the theatre recently you’ll be impressed with the headway we’ve made in recovering from the Boxing Day flood. These efforts have been largely self-funded, but we have been helped by a grant of £2,500 from Calderdale, applied for by Ray, and by a fund-raising benefit, on 7 March, starring Timothy West and Prunella Scales, which as well as being hugely enjoyable, was also financially lucrative. This event was instigated and organised by Jenny, who arranged transport and accommodation for our guests, and compèred the evening. She is to be congratulated on her superb achievement. Tim and Pru’ were delightful company, and gave us many fascinating and entertaining insights into their long careers in acting, even joining us in the bar afterwards to continue the conversation.

Another planned fund-raiser, which we hope will be equally enjoyable, is the Music Hall concert on Saturday 14 May, at 7.30pm. This is cheekily titled ‘The Good Old (Bad Old) Days! A Concert Celebrating the Golden Years of Music Hall’. A scintillating succession of stellar talents (‘Oooh!!’) will recreate the greats of the period, such as Marie Lloyd and Gus Elen. Come along, let your hair down, and have a good sing-song! Fancy dress is optional, but there will a prize for the audience member with the best period costume. Tickets cost £8, and may be purchased at the theatre, during Stepping Out, or by ringing 01422 843907. All proceeds to go to the Little Theatre Flood Repair Fund.

The AGM takes place on Monday 4 April, at 8pm. (following a committee meeting at 7pm). A number of positions need filling, so if anyone fancies taking on extra responsibility please contact Sue Riches! We are still looking for someone to fill Maddie’s shoes, in wardrobe, though we’d probably make do with someone filling one shoe! I’m a firm believer in creating teams and sharing responsibility, which will be my approach if I get elected to take on Publicity (which Ray is giving up after many years’ service).

Forthcoming productions

Stepping Out

Gilly writes: ‘Stepping Out is a ‘fun’ play about an adult beginners’ tap class, and we have certainly had good fun rehearsing it. The play delves into the lives of those attending the class; their loves, hates, relationship problems and the things that they feel passionate about. The class are asked to perform at a charity concert, which gives them something to work towards, but also adds pressure as they try to perfect their routine in time for the big night. It’s a very humorous play, with serious moments, that add pathos and depth to the story.

‘Six of the cast are new to the theatre: Yvonne Kniveton plays Mrs Fraser, the pianist; Diannah Miller is Lynne; Cathy Shaw, Maxine; Gina Holmes, Andy; Sean Kavanagh, Geoffrey; and Christine Beales, Rose. Our audience will be familiar with the rest of the cast, who have all excelled in a number of recent productions: Trish Ellis plays Mavis, the dance teacher; Rachel Peter is Dorothy; Phoebe Farrington, Sylvia; and Phoebe Hillgarth, Vera.

‘Our cast have all been rehearsing three times a week, because of the added element of the tap dancing. They have amazed myself and Gil (my co-director), with the amount of skill they have acquired in a few weeks – just as in the play.

‘Do come along and see the show. I’m sure you’ll enjoy an uplifting and entertaining evening.’

A Merry Regiment of Women

The Social Play Reading Group presents a rehearsed reading of this short comedy, by Shirley Rae, at the Third Thursday Club, on 19 May. A Merry Regiment of Women combines a number of Shakespeare’s most famous characters in what is described as a ‘totally contemporary play’. Kate and Petruchio, Romeo and Juliet, Henry V, Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra, come together in a mad and merry tribute to the Immortal Bard!

Youth Group

Jenny is resigning from the Youth Group, which means that it will be finishing on Wednesday 23 March, after the final brief showcase performance, starting at 7pm. Jenny has devoted many years to the Youth Group, and her efforts have been greatly appreciated by the children, their parents, and by the Little Theatre. It is sad the Youth Group is unable to continue, but it has been resurrected in the past, and we can only hope someone as energetic as Jenny will revive it in the future.

Youth Project

Bailey and Burns Theatre (combining the talents of our own Gil Burns, and her long-term collaborator, Kei Bailey), are running a series of five, day-long performance workshops, combining acting, dance and movement, and culminating in a short production for family and friends at the end of the week. The cost for the project is £100, and you can book, or find out more information, by calling Gil, on 07905 779271.


  • Youth Group showcase: 23 March
  • Magic Show: 30 March